Cooking for me started like lab experiments. I religiously collected cooking literature from newspapers, weeklies, magazines, cookery books and the internet. Only after that did i realize .
"Cooking isn't Rocket Science"

I knew very little about cooking when I first started. I was an utterly behind in skills as a cook, since I had spent most of my schooling away from home, at hostel.

I am fascinated by the French cooking; needless to say my favorite  other than Indian Cuisine is the French. My favorite chef is 'Gordon Ramsay' for his attitude to achieve near Perfection. I have been also inspired by amazing women cooks like Nigella Lawson, Donna Hay and Rachel Allen, who cook from their heart.

 Food plays an important role in everyone’s life. We all know that food makes us feel good, both physically and emotionally. The food we eat fuels our bodies but it also affects our minds. Certain foods make us feel warm and safe -think comfort food and soul food.

I always like to prepare my dishes from the very scratch rather than substituting with ready made mixes that are store bought.

Posting recipes starting from finalizing Recipes, purchasing Ingredients, Preping, Cooking, Food Styling the cooked food, Food Photography and Editing pictures, Typing in the recipes and Posting.
Each and every step in blogging is quite exciting and interesting as it does involve a lot of time and hard work.
I hope to share (with you) the recipes & tips which I’ve tried & tested at home vide this blog. If you like my work; you can show your appreciation for my work by following my posts in the following social medias.

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