Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sapota Milkshake| Chikoo Milkshake| Chikku milkshake- Sapota is in season now and we get fresh sapota in hypermarkets nowadays. I bought huge lot and made this Milk shake immediately. It has been ages since, I had sapota, must have been around 10 years &  I relished it. It is a simple tasty creamy milkshake without any ice cream. Love this healthy fruity tasty filling milkshake.
Sapota has a unique taste, flavour and the soft creamy texture to it and I find it yummy. Try this toothsome shake I am pretty sure you are going to love it!
Sapota Milkshake recipe

Sapota Milk Shake 
chickoo milkshake recipe

Prep time
Cook time
Total time

Yields: 2 glasses
  • Sapota| Chikoo- 4 nos
    Chilled Milk- 1 and 1/2 cup (I used low fat)
    Honey|Sugar- 2 teaspoons (to taste)
  • Boil the milk and allow to chill inside the fridge. You could pour some milk in ice trays and freeze it add it in the milk shake instead of ice cubes too.
  • Scoop out the flesh from sapota using a spoon and add inside the blender jar. Add the honey and chilled milk together inside the blender jar and close the lid tightly.
  • Blend well to make a smooth frothy shake.
  • Serve chilled with added ice cubes.
  • For variation you could add some cocoa powder while making or drizzle chocolate syrup while serving.
chickoo milkshake image

chicku milkshake recipe

how to make chikoo milkshake recipe

chickoo milkshake recipe

Monday, August 15, 2016

Ulunthu Kozhukattai| Uppu Kozhukattai| Urad Dal Kozhukattai| Urad dal Dumplings- Savoury dumplings with seasoned urad dal filling made for the Vinayaka Chaturthi. I hadn't tasted this Kozhukattai till my friend Uma prepared for the last year's Vinayaka Chaturthi and let us taste it. Last year was a bit busy, and I couldn't find time to prepare this yummy dish. So I decided that I prepare at least as an evening snack and post the recipe but one or the other, a lot of things kept me engaged for quite some time and finally I made it yesterday and needless to say, I loved the taste of these kozhukkatai prepared with the most humble ingredients. Healthy evening snack, easily digestible as it is steam cooked. Simple, tasty and tummy filling savoury snack to be accompanied with a cup of tea.

I felt it is always better to make more savoury or salty versions like this ulunthu kozhukattai and Upma Pidi Kozhukattai and less sweet kozhukattai versions like Thengai Pooranam Kozhukattai, Kadalai Paruppu Pooranam Kozhukattai, Sweet Pidi Kozhukattai to help reduce the calories added on during the festive seasons. Or else make the healthy sweet version like Dates and Nuts Modak.

Ulundu Kozhukattai recipe

Ulundu Kozhukattai
Urad dal kozhukattai recipe

Prep time
Cook time
Total time

Yields: 20 nos
  • For the covering:
    Roasted Rice flour| Idiyappam flour- 1 cup
    Salt- to taste
    Water-2 cups

    For the filling:
    Oil- 2 teaspoons
    Mustard seeds- 1/2 teaspoon
    Curry leaves- 1 strand
    Hing| asafetida- a pinch
    Turmeric powder- 1/4 teaspoon
    Ulutham Pruppu| Urad dal- 1/2 cup
    Green Chillies- 2
    Coconut- 2 tablespoons
    Salt- to taste
  • Soak the urad dal in water till the covering, dough gets ready or around 20-30 minutes.Drain off the water and add this in a blender jar and pulse twice and make a coarse mixture; set aside.
  • To make filling, heat oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds and then add curry leaves. In the hot oil add the turmeric powder and hing.
  • Immediately add the coarsely ground dal mixture with enough salt.Mix well and cover it and cook till the dal does not taste raw. Finally add the coconut and swith off the gas and allow to cool.
  • Meanwhile heat water till rolling hot stage and add the rice flour little by little with constant stirring.
  • Reduce the flame to low and cook till the water almost evaporates and the mixture comes together as a mass.
  • Switch off the flame and allow the mixture to cool. Cover the dough and set aside till you start making the kozhukattai to avoid the outside of the dough getting dry.
  • Once the dough is cooled and has reached bearable heat, grease your hand with oil and knead to make a smooth dough without any lumps.
  • Divide the dough into small lemon sized balls.
  • Grease your hand and flatten the dough, using fingers spread the dough to make a thin cup shape.
  • Now fill it with the urad dal filling and close it and press it to close the edges. To make a pattern pinch the edges with thumb and index finger.
  • Heat water inside the steamer and steam the kozhukattai for 10 minutes till the dough get cooked and looks shinny.
  • Serve with Coconut Chutney.
Urad dal kozhukattai image

how to make Urad dal kozhukattai

South Indian snack recipes

vinayaka chaturthi recipes

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Independence Day| Republic Day: Click on the photo for the recipe with step-wise picture instructions...

Tricolour Dosa Pizza
Tricolour Idlis
Tricolour Kesari
Tricolour Dosa
Tricolour Sandwich
Vegetable Pulao
Spicy Vegetable Pulao
Tricolour Pulao

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Indian sweet flat bread stuffed with chana dal and jaggery filling flavored with cardamom. It is widely popular in South Indian states such as Tamil Nadu prepared for festivals such as Vinayaka Chaturthi and in Kerala it is served as a part of Sadya along with payasam which is prepared with toor dal and jaggery combination. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, this sweet is prepared with the combination of various dals. While in North India the dish is popular in Maharashtra. The same flat bread is called in various names in different parts. The method of preparation and the size of the flat bread varies in different parts but the taste remains similar.

Pooran Poli recipe

Pooran Poli| Boli
Pooran Poli image

Prep time
Cook time
Total time

Yields: 12 -15
  • Maida| All purpose Flour- 1and 1/2 cups
    Salt- pinch
    Turmeric powder- pinch
    Ghee| oil- 1 tablespoon

    For the filling:
    Chana dal-1 cup
    Jaggery, powdered- 1 cup
    Coconut-2 tablespoons
    Cardamom powder- 1 teaspoon
    Fennel powder- pinch (optional)
  • In a deep bowl add maida, salt, turmeric powder and ghee; mix well with hand. Now add water little by little and knead to make a smooth dough. Dough will be slightly sticky, once it becomes soft, add few drops of oil in hand and spread it over the dough ; shape it and allow to rest, till the filling gets ready by covering it with cling film or plate.
  • Wash and pressure cook the chana dal with 3 cups of water and allow to cook for 4-5 whistles.
  • Now open the lid, if more water is found stagnating drain the water & mash it with spoon. If the dal is not cooked soft you could grind it in a blender and pulse few times.
  • Now in the same pan turn on the heat and add the powdered jaggery with mashed dal and allow to cook.
  • Once the jaggery melts and the dal starts to thicken add the coconut and cardamom powder. If you wish for more flavour add fennel powder; cook till the dal mixture almost thick.(once the dal gets cool the mixture thicken eventually)
  • The stuffing process could be done in two ways one is with spreading the balls with fingers by sandwiching the dough inside two greased banana leaves or plastic sheets.
  • The other method is simple and less oil consuming which is I used to do like stuffed parathas.
  • Divide the covering flour mixture into small balls.
  • In a chapati stand dust with the flour and slightly stretch the dough using rolling pin or by hand.
  • Now keep the chana filling inside and cover it by pulling the edges; press well to seal well.
  • Press with hand to flatten the dough and flour the dough; spread it evenly like a paratha.
  • Heat the flat pan and drizzle with half a teaspoon of ghee, transfer the boli and cook one side. Now on top of the boli drizzle half a teaspoon of ghee and flip the boli to cook the other side too till the golden brown spots appears. 
  • Adding fennel powder is optional. You could add a pinch of nutmeg too for flavour.
  • You could sandwich the dough inside two greased banana leaves and spread it by fingers too.

Boli recipe

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Upma Pidi Kozhukattai| Arisi Upma Pidi Kozhukattai| Rice Rava pidi kozhukattai| Upma Kara Kozhukattai- It is a South Indian breakfast or snack item generally served with tomato kara chutney, coconut chutney or Gotsu. Tasty simple filling dish which is liked by all without any age difference. Quick to prepare dish and it does not require any fancy ingredient to make this yummy dumplings.

I have prepared this dish and clicked these pictures last year around this time and kept inside the drafts and did not posted it. I think this is the best time to post this dish. Better late than never!

Rice Rava Kara Pidi kozhukattai

Upma Pidi kozhukattai
Arisi upma kara kozhukattai recipe

Prep time
Cook time
Total time

Yields: 15-20 nos
  • Raw rice- 1 cup
    Water- 2 cups
    Coconut- 3 tablespoons
    Salt- to taste

    To temper:
    Oil- 1 teaspoon
    Mustard seeds- 1 teaspoon
    Chana dal-2 tablespoons
    Curry leaves- 2 strands
    Dry red chillies-3
    Onion- 1/2(optional)
    Hing- big pinch
    * Skip onion if use for poojas
  • In a blender jar add the rice and crush to make like rava texture. 
  • You could use the rava you get on top of the strainer while sieving the rice flour too.
  • Heat oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds and add the chana dal, curry leaves, red chillies and hing. Once the dal get golden colour add the coconut and stir fru fifteen seconds.
  • Now add the water, salt and allow to boil.
  • Once it reaches rolling hot, add the rice rava in two lots with constant stirring to avoid forming lumps.
  • Once the water fully absorbed the rava starts to become thick. Now switch off the gas and allow the rava to cool.
  • When the mixture is warm grease your hand with little oil and start to make kozhukattai. Pinch some mixture and roll to make a cylindrical dumplings.
  • Heat water in idli steamer and cook the dumplings for 10 minutes.
upma pidi kozhukattai image

pidi kozhukattai recipe

Friday, August 5, 2016

Easy Black Forest Trifle| Chocolate Cherry Trifle is a quick to assemble dessert in minutes. Left over cake crumbs could be utilized in an efficient way. I have prepared the chocolate cake using this recipe. The cake is absolutely soft and moist it soaked with the cherry syrup and tastes real yum. My son loves this cake trifle as he loves chocolate.A wow dessert that can be prepared in advance, only needs to be refrigerated prior to parties or gatherings. Simple yet delicious appealing dessert. 

You could buy chocolate or brownies from shop and assemble this dessert too if you feel lazy. Now cherries are in season and it is delightful to make these with fresh cherry syrup and top it with fresh fruits that taste divine. I love the fruit bits inside this dessert. You could use chocolate chips or fruit pieces for extra taste and garnish for this appealing dessert.

black forest trifle recipe

Black Forest Trifle
Black forest trifle recipe

Prep time
Cook time
Total time

Yields: 4 cups
  • Chocolate cake| Chocolate cake crumbs| brownie pieces-2 cups
    Cherry syrup| diluted cherry compote| cherry pie topping- 8 teaspoons
    Whipped Cream- 1/2 cup before whipping
    Sugar- 2 teaspoons
    Vanilla essence- 1/2 teaspoon
    Fresh Cherries| Cherries in syrup- few for garnishing
    Cocoa powder| Chocolate shavings- 2 teaspoons
  • Chill the whipping cream and whip with 2 teaspoons of sugar and vanilla essence till stiff peaks. Refrigerate till you use.
  • I have prepared the chocolate cake using this recipe. You could follow this healthy beetroot chocolate cake recipe, Chocolate Brownies or make use of  the leftover crumbs after icing a chocolate cake.
  • I used cherry compote by boiling chopped fresh cherries 10 nos with two teaspoons of sugar and half a cup of water and allowed to boil for few minutes till the cherries softened; allow to cool.
  • To assemble task a glass tumbler and first divide and fill the crumbs into four glasses.
  • Then drizzle 2 teaspoons of the cherry syrup or the diluted compote over the chocolate cake.
  • Then layer on top with the whipped cream.
  • Garnish top of the dessert with chocolate shavings or cocoa powder and top it with some fresh cherries or cherries in syrup.
  • You could layer once more as mentioned above the same way to get two layers. 
  • You could assemble everything in one single big deep bowl or trifle glasses.
  • You could use cherry pie filling by slightly diluting it or dilute the prepared compote or jam by adding some water and boiling a bit and use it for the syrup.
how to make black forest trifle recipe

black forest trifle image

easy black forest trifle recipe
how to use leftover chocolate ckae

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