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Rice flour is an essential item for any Indian Festivals especially Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi; the sweet and savoury snacks are mainly made out of rice flour such as Modak, Kozhukattai, Seedai, Murukku ..etc. Home made rice flour adds the dishes more taste and flavour as it is prepared fresh. Other than that some of the South Indian breakfast items are also prepared using rice flour such as Idiyappam, Appam, Pathiri, Puttu (refer notes).It is an essential ingredient for all South Indian home.
Nowadays it is available in ready made form too but the taste could not be compared with the freshly roasted rice flour.

home made rice flour recipe

Raw Rice/ Idli Rice- 2- 4 cups

  • Rinse the rice three times and soak in water for 1 hour.
  • Drain the water and spread evenly on a soft towel and allow to dry on kitchen counter or even under sun for little time for minimum 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Now the rice would be slightly moist, transfer the rice into a big blender jar and powder small lots(approximately one cup) at a time. Do not over load the mixer jar then the jar get heated up and stop finally.
  • Spread a news paper or keep a big tray and transfer the powdered rice a big scoop on a strainer fitted with fine sieve get the fine rice powder.
  • Sieve until the rice rava settles on top and the fine powder separates on a paper.
  • Repeat till you finish the whole lot.
  • Dry roast the fine rice flour in a heavy bottom vessel in low flame to medium flame with constant stirring.
  • The rice starts to get a sand like texture and sound. While roasting and the steam starts to arise from the flour.
  • Spread the roasted flour on a paper to big tray and allow to cool.
  • Transfer the flour on a air tight container.
  • Note: Same way do for puttu flour but strain the flour with coarse sieve fitter on a strainer.

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Vinayaka Chaturthi Recipes: Click on the photo for the recipe with step-wise picture instructions...


Home made Rice Flour
Ammini kozhukattai-3 ways
Ulunthu Kara Kozhukattaai
Thengai Pooranam Kozhukattai
Kadalai Paruppu Pooranam Kozhukattai
Dates and nuts Kozhukattai
Sukhiyan| Susiyam
Pooran Poli
Nendran Ela Ada
Chakka Ela Ada
Sweet Pidi Kozhukattai
Rice Upma Kara Pidi Kozhukattai
Black chana masala chundal
Chana Sundal
Green Peas sundal
Rajma Masala Sundal
Kollu Sundal
Sweet Corn Sundal
Puli Aval
Aval Kesari
Aval Ladoo
Medhu|Ulunthu Vadai
Paruppu Vadai
Paruppu Payasam
I made these elayappam together with my mom a couple of years before, in India during a vacation. That day we had power cut at home and with torch light I had clicked the step wise pictures, and therefore I hadn't posted the recipe. I did not get a chance to redo it  and post it till now. As Vinayaka chaturthi is nearing I thought of posting this recipe without any further delay. It is one of my childhood favourite dish. I love nendran banana, it has a unique taste and flavour. I love to consume as such, steamed or cooked as pazham pori or like this appam. Refer here for another Kerala special appam made in a similar way Chakka Ela Ada/ Jack Fruit Ilayappam

Elayappam recipe

Rice Flour| Appam|Idiyappam Flour- 1 cup
Salt- to taste
water- 1/2 cup
Banana Leaf/ Vazhanayila/wax paper- 6 pieces

Nendran/ Ethapazham, finely chopped-1 big
Sugar| powdered jaggery- 1/4 cup
Coconut, grated- 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder- 1/4 teaspoon
Salt- pinch

  • In a bowl add the chopped banana, sugar and mix well with spoon.
  • Now add the grated coconut and cardamom powder with salt; mix well and keep aside. you can keep the sweetened banana and coconut together or keep them separate
  • In another bowl add a cup of roasted rice flour/ appam powder and rolling hot water little by little till you get the chapathi dough consistency, or you could follow this procedure for making the dough.
  • Then add little more water to make a pliable dough (thick clay clay form but should not stick in hands)for easy spreading.
  • Grease your hands and divide the dough into small 4-5 lemon sized balls.
  • Cut the banana leaf from midrib around 15-20 cm length and width.
  • Spread the balls into round shape on the banana leaves as a thin layer. Dip the fingers in water and spread. If the the dough is thick you will end up with hard appam.
  • Keep a tablespoon full of filling the banana and also the sweet coconut and lightly spread the filling on one side; close with the other side.
  • Heat water inside the idli steamer and allow water to boil.
  • Keep the ela ada evenly over the idli steamer or any steamer plate.
  • Close with a lid and steam for about 10-15 minutes till the ada cooks properly.
  • The rice flour cooks and the colour of the white shade changes and it starts to shine.
  • If the ada cooks you can peel the banana leaf from the ada easily from both the sides.
  • Note:You can make this outer covering from boiled rice too. If you are planning to do in parboiled rice, soak the rice for two hours and grind  as a thick paste by adding minimum water. Add some salt and spread on the leaf and follow the same instructions.
  • Adjust the sugar and coconut level according to your taste.
ela ada with banana recipe

elayappam image

ela ada recipe

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Sweet Ammini Kozhukattai, Salty Ammini Kozhukattai and Spicy or Masala Ammini Kozhukattai. I love these pretty small cute balls cooked with sweet and spicy concoctions. This traditional dish is prepared mainly for the Vinayaka Chaturthi. This steamed rice dumpling dish has sweet, spicy and salty versions. Mainly this dish is prepared using the leftover dough and the fillings used after preparing any kozhukattai. You could make the same way using the leftover sweet kozhukattai dough for sweet version and other plain dough from other kozhukattis or the fillings from these Ulundu kozhuakttai,Thengai pooranam kozhukattai,Kadalai paruppu kozhukattai for sweet or savoury versions.
Love the shape of the kozhukattai and these lovely beads being called in various names in each regions ammini kozhukattai, Mani kozhukattai, Pidi kozhukattai, mini kozhukattai, Undrallu..etc.

ammini kozhukattai- sweet, salty, spicy recipe

Ammini Kozhukattai
ammini kozhukattai recipe

Prep time
Cook time
Total time

Yields: 1 cup each
  • Rice Flour| Idiyappam flour- 1&1/2 cups
    Salt- to taste
    Oil- 1 teaspoon

    For the sweet kozhukattai:
    Jaggery- 1/4 cup
    Water- 2 tablespoons
    Coconut, grated- 2 tablespoons
    Cardamom powder- 1/4 teaspoon

    For Salted Kozhukattai:
    Oil- 2 teaspoons
    Mustard seeds- 1/2 teaspoon
    Urad dal- 1 teaspoon
    Dry red chilli-2
    Curry leaves- 1 strand
    Asafetida- pinch
    Coconut- 2 tablspoons

    For Spicy kozhukattai:
    For masala:
    Dry red chillies-2
    Coriander seeds- 1 teaspoon
    Chana dal- 1 teaspoon

    Oil- 2 teaspoons
    Mustard seeds- 1/2 teaspoon
    Curry leaves- 1 strand
    Asafetida| Hing- pinch
    Coconut- 2 tablespoons
  • Sieve the rice flour and set aside.
  • Boil 3 cups of water till rolling hot,with a teaspoon of oil and salt. Now add the rice flour little by little and mix well with a laddle to avoid lumps.
  • Once the whole lot gets finished and once it starts to form a dough, coming together switch off the flame.
  • Allow to cool by slightly closing with a lid to avoid drying off the outer side of the dough.
  • Once the dough reaches the bearable heat start to knead and make a soft smooth dough with the greased hand.
  • Now grease your hands slightly with oil and pinch a small piece of dough and roll inside your palm as a small bead. Likewise do for the remaining dough and set inside the greased steamer plate or idli plate.
  • Fill the steamer with water and bring it to boil; keep the plate inside and steam for 10 minutes or until the balls turns shiny.
  • Remove the plate from steamer and allow to cool.
  • Divide the whole lot into three portions.
For Sweet Kozhukattai
  • Heat the pan and add the powdered jaggery with two tablespoons of water and make a syrup once the syrup is slightly thick add the coconut and the cardamom powder.
  • Now add the kozhukattai balls and allow to coat the syrup with the coconut.
  • Switch off the flame and allow to cool.
For Salty Kozhukattai:
  • Heat oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds, urad dal. Once the dal starts to turn golden add the broken dry red chillies and curry leaves and asafetida. Add a pinch of turmeric if you wish.
  • Now add the kozhukattai balls with a pinch of salt to taste and toss well.
  • Finally add the coconut and mix well and switch off the flame.
For Spicy| Masala Kozhukattai:
  • In a pan dry roast the dry chillies, coriander seeds and chana together till they turn golden .
  • Once it cools down finely powder it in a blender.
  • Heat oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds; then add the curry leaves and asafetida.
  • Now add the masala and stir for a second; immediately add the balls and mix well and sprinkle some salt to taste.
  • Add coconut; mix well and switch off the flame.
  • Keep the dough or balls keep covered to avoid the outside gets dried off.
mani kozhukattai recipe

ammini kozhukattai image

how to make ammini kozhukattai

vinayaka chaturthi recipes

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