I made these elayappam together with my mom a couple of years before, in India during a vacation. That day we had power cut at home and with torch light I had clicked the step wise pictures, and therefore I hadn't posted the recipe. I did not get a chance to redo it  and post it till now. As Vinayaka chaturthi is nearing I thought of posting this recipe without any further delay. It is one of my childhood favourite dish. I love nendran banana, it has a unique taste and flavour. I love to consume as such, steamed or cooked as pazham pori or like this appam. Refer here for another Kerala special appam made in a similar way Chakka Ela Ada/ Jack Fruit Ilayappam

Elayappam recipe

Rice Flour| Appam|Idiyappam Flour- 1 cup
Salt- to taste
water- 1/2 cup
Banana Leaf/ Vazhanayila/wax paper- 6 pieces

Nendran/ Ethapazham, finely chopped-1 big
Sugar| powdered jaggery- 1/4 cup
Coconut, grated- 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder- 1/4 teaspoon
Salt- pinch

  • In a bowl add the chopped banana, sugar and mix well with spoon.
  • Now add the grated coconut and cardamom powder with salt; mix well and keep aside. you can keep the sweetened banana and coconut together or keep them separate
  • In another bowl add a cup of roasted rice flour/ appam powder and rolling hot water little by little till you get the chapathi dough consistency, or you could follow this procedure for making the dough.
  • Then add little more water to make a pliable dough (thick clay clay form but should not stick in hands)for easy spreading.
  • Grease your hands and divide the dough into small 4-5 lemon sized balls.
  • Cut the banana leaf from midrib around 15-20 cm length and width.
  • Spread the balls into round shape on the banana leaves as a thin layer. Dip the fingers in water and spread. If the the dough is thick you will end up with hard appam.
  • Keep a tablespoon full of filling the banana and also the sweet coconut and lightly spread the filling on one side; close with the other side.
  • Heat water inside the idli steamer and allow water to boil.
  • Keep the ela ada evenly over the idli steamer or any steamer plate.
  • Close with a lid and steam for about 10-15 minutes till the ada cooks properly.
  • The rice flour cooks and the colour of the white shade changes and it starts to shine.
  • If the ada cooks you can peel the banana leaf from the ada easily from both the sides.
  • Note:You can make this outer covering from boiled rice too. If you are planning to do in parboiled rice, soak the rice for two hours and grind  as a thick paste by adding minimum water. Add some salt and spread on the leaf and follow the same instructions.
  • Adjust the sugar and coconut level according to your taste.
ela ada with banana recipe

elayappam image

ela ada recipe