In this recipe, I have used all natural colours available in vegetables to highlight this theme recipe on this Independence Day.

       The 3 types of variety rice which form a tricolor could be served in a colorful way for guests & kids would love it.
      Wishing all a Happy Independence Day!

Tri colour Pulao


Saffron Layer:
Basmati rice- ½ cup (half cooked with salt)
Ginger garlic paste- ½ teaspoon
Tomato (grind as paste)-1
Chilli powder- ½ teaspoon
Garam masala powder- ¼ teaspoon
Salt-to taste

White Layer:
Basmati rice- ½ cup (half cooked with salt)
Cinnamon-2 pieces
Coconut milk- ¼ cup
Salt-to taste
Onion (chopped and fried)- ½

Green Layer:
Basmati rice- ½ cup (half cooked with salt)
Onion- ½
Coriander leaves- handful
Mint leaves-handful
Green chilli-2
Ginger- ½ inch
Jeera- ¼ teaspoon
Salt-to taste

Independence Day Recipes


  • In a pan add oil when the oil is hot, add onion and sauté till soft. Then add ginger garlic paste and cook till raw smell goes. 
  • Add grind tomato paste and chilli powder and garam masala powder. Cook on high flame till the masala becomes almost thick gravy. 
  • Add the rice and mix well. Add salt if needed. Grated carrots can be added in this layer.

  • In a pan add ghee and add the cinnamon and cardamom. 
  • Add the coconut milk when the coconut milk starts to boil add the rice and salt if needed. Add the fried onions.
  • In a pan add oil and onion when it becomes soft add the ground mint and coriander masala paste (grind coriander leaves, mint leaves, green chilli, ginger, jeera and coconut as paste) cook till the raw smell goes off. 
  • Then add the rice and salt. Cooked peas can be added in this layer.

This rice can be served directly or layered in a pan kept under dhum for 5-10 minutes and served.

Republic Day Recieps

I am linking this recipe to the Event Independent India conducted by Cooking with SJ.