These are simple deep fried groundnuts dipped in a spicy gram flour batter. It is a rainy day or evening time snack. I am pretty sure that this snack must have been your childhood favorite too.
Rice flour- 5 tablespoons
Fennel -1tsp
Jeera/cumin -1tsp
Red chillies-8-10
Curry leaves- 1 sprig
Salt- to taste
Oil- for frying
  • In a blender add fennel, jeera, red chillies, curry leaves, asafetida and grind as fine powder.
  • In a broad bowl add gram flour, rice flour, salt and the ground masala powder. Mix all dry ingredients well with  a spoon.
  • Add the groundnuts with this and mix well. Then sprinkle water little by little and make it wet.
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of rice flour and mix well to coat the batter (to avoid nuts sticking together with the masala dough)
  • Mix well. I like the crunchy outer layer so I make batter in thick consistency.
  • Heat oil well and drop this one by one and deep fry till crispy.