Broccoli rice is an easy to make dish. So yummy and also colourful with the combination of sweet corn. It is a healthy alternative to the normal fried rice. You can add veggies of your choice when you prepare. I like the sweetness of the sweet corn in the fried rice a lot.  So I am adding sweet corn.You can also add scrambled eggs, if you are making for your kids.

       Fried rice is always an easy to make, one pot meal. Really comes in handy when you are running out of time. And also easy to make rice for kids lunch box. Dry one pot meals are easy to prepare and carry for travel, picnics, the places where we try to avoid messy eating.

Fried Rice Varieties


Basmathi rice/ Raw rice- 1 cup
Broccoli, chopped- 1 head (350-400 grams)
Sweet corn- 1/2 cup
Spring onion, chopped-
Garlic, chopped- 1 big clove
Soya sauce- 1 teaspoon
Oil- 2 teaspoons
Pepper- 1/4 teaspoons
Salt- to taste


  • Half cook the rice with salt and drain extra water.
  • Heat oil in a pan and add garlic and saute till you get the aroma of garlic for thirty seconds in low flame.
  • Now add the broccoli and salt; saute in the oil to stir fry by keeping flame to medium high.
  • When the broccoli cooks and starts to slightly shrink, some water oozes out from broccoli.
  • Now add the sweet corn and cook well. 
  • Once the veggies are cooked sprinkle the spring onion and add the rice, soya sauce and salt if required.
  • Mix rice with veggies well and season with pepper.
  • Serve hot.