Ugadi Pachadi is generally prepared on the day of Telugu New Year. The name Yugadi or Ugadi derived from a Sanskrit word, yuga means 'age' and adi means 'begining' "The bigining of a New Age". Ugadi falls on the first day of the Hindu Calender. This new year festival is celebrated in various states of India in various names. Family gatherings and with sumptuous feast.

       Bevu-Bella in Kannda symbolizes that the life is a mixture of a different experiences. (Sadness, Happiness, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Surprise) which should be accepted together on the coming year. Ugadi Pachdi is prepared with special mixture of,
Neem Buds/ Flower for bitterness, signifies Sadness.
Jaggery/ Banana pieces  for Sweetness, signifies Happiness
Green chillies for its hot taste, signifies Anger
Salt for Saltiness, signifies Fear
Tamarind Juice for its sourness, Signifies Disgust
Unriped Mango for Tanginess, signifies Surprise.
No cooking process involved in this dish. But tasty because of the well balance of taste.

Ugadi Pachadi


Neem Flowers/ buds, Veppam Poo-1 teaspoon
Jaggery, grated- 1 tablespoon
Green Chillies, finely chopped-1-2
Salt-big pinch
Tamarind Juice- 4 tablespoon
Raw Mango/ Maavadu, chopped- 1 tablespoon


  • In a bowl add the tamarind juice then add the grated jaggery and mix with a spoon to dissolve.
  • Add the chopped green chillies and salt and mix well.
  • Add chopped raw mango pieces and neem flower and mixwell.
  • Ugadi Pachdi is ready.