Chakka Chips is a popular snack item served at the teatime. Mild sweetness and the crunchiness of the chips liked by all people. Mostly Prepared when Jack fruits are abundant in season. The matured jack fruits are harvested from the tree before ripen and made this chips on the same day or the next day of harvest.

      If you fry a medium sized jack fruits carpels you will get around a kilogram of chips. Do not make at the ripen fruits as it drinks lots of oil and donot become crisp. A Traditional snack item liked by all people even those who does not like jack fruit.

Chakka Chips


Jack fruit (carpels from mature unripe fruit)- 1
Turmeric powder- 1 tablespoon (optional)
Salt- to taste (optional)
Oil- 2 cups


  • Cut the jack fruit and remove the carpels. Cut the carpels in to long thin strips.
  • In a broad plate take turmeric and add a tablespoon of water and dissolve with hands without any lumps. Mix the turmeric paste with the carpels and combine well.(This step is optional)
  • Heat oil till smoking hot. Reduce the flame and fry the jack fruit strips on low flame.
  • Sprinkle very little salt water at the centre of the oil by reducing the flame.
  • Once it becomes crisp remove them from oil and allow to cool. They becomes soggy once it cools down.
  • After reaching room temperature heat the oil again and fry them again till crisp.
  • If you are planning to store them double frying can be done at the same time. What i used to do is fry once and store them when they reach room temperature. It becomes slightly soggy.
  • I will fry again at the day when i am planning to use to the required quantity. You can double fry them at the same time and store them.
  • Note: Prepare this chips at the day or next say of harvest of the jack fruit. Because after that it starts to ripe.
  • Fry the carpels always at low to medium flame.
  • Adding turmeric powder, salt is optional.