Gooseberry pickle is one of the tastiest pickle. I love gooseberry pickle a lot in my childhood. Even now i like a lot. I have prepared this pickle in a easy way Andhra style. I like to prepare pickles in Andra style because it is easy to make and tasty as well and with more gravy.

       I like the colour of the pickle and also the taste. It is really a mouth watering Pickle. Perfect with curd rice, plain rice or with Rotis. I Like the crunchiness of the gooseberry in this pickle.

Gooseberry Pickle


Gooseberry- 20-25 large
Mustard seeds- 1/4 cup
Fenugreek / Methi seeds- 1 tablespoon
Turmeric powder- 1 teaspoon
Red chilli powder- 1/2 cup (for less heat and more colour use Kashmiri chilli powder. I used half red chilli powder and half Kashmiri chilli powder)
Salt- 1/2 cup
Asafetida/Hing powder- 1/4 teaspoon (optional)
Garlic pods- 20 cloves (optional)
Sesame oil/ Gingelly oil- 1/2 cup

Amla Pickle


  • If you are using oil from already opened bottle heat the oil and bring the oil to room temperature and use for this pickle. If it is new bottle use it as such.
  • Dry roast the fenugreek seeds till light brown colour appears and remove from pan. Do not roast till dark brown as it gives the pickle a bitter taste.
  • Add mustard seeds in the same pan and roast for a minute(just to get the heat. You can check by touching the seeds) till the shine of mustard leaves and gets the dull black colour.
  • In a blender add both (Fenugreek seeds and Mustard seeds) together and make as fine powder.
  • In that same jar add turmeric powder and red chilli powder with salt; give a pulse to just combine uniformly to get the 'Pickle Powder'.
  • In idli steamer plate spread the gooseberry in a single layer and steam cook the gooseberry for 5 minutes.
  • Do not over cook them. Gooseberry should be slightly crunchy if you taste it. Should not get cracks on flesh while cooking that means over cooked.
  • You can cook them in water too. Steaming method retain nutrients inside.
  • Cut the gooseberry into 4-5 pieces and remove the seeds. Add garlic with them.
  • In a jar add some gooseberry  then add a tablespoon of the pickle powder, then oil. Likewise add the whole lot till finishes.
  • Add remaining oil on top of the pickle and close tightly and shake lightly.
  • Use it after 3 days.
Nellikkai Oorugai