Cherries are now in season and it is a tasty versatile  fruit fits for almost all dessert recipes. I love these to eat it as such and it is a very pretty fruit used generally used for cake  and other desserts garnishing. It has so many preserved forms Maraschino sweetened cherries are made from dark coloured cherries and the Colored sweet cherries are made from light colour varieties.

       I used the dark variety to make this colorful ice cream. Here i have made the eggless easy version. You can try this ice cream with eggs too. Really an easy to make ice cream with no pain. A real colourful home made dessert perfect for summer.

Egg less Cherry Ice cream

Cherries- 1½ cup
Sugar- 1/4 cup
Condensed milk- 1/4 cup
Whipping cream- 500 ml

Eggless Desserts

  • Wash the cherries and remove the seeds. If you do not have the pitting equipment you can cut and remove the seeds.
  • In a pan add the cherries with sugar and cook. The sugar starts to melt and sweeten the cherries. With in 5-10 minutes you will get a thick sauce.
  • Using masher slightly mash the pulp if needed.
  • Remove from flame and allow to cool and puree the cherry sauce in a blender; set aside
  • Chill the whipping cream before hand and the whipping vessel and the whisks.
  • Transfer the condensed milk and the whipping cream into the chilled bowl and whip it till you starts to get stiff peaks; set aside.
  • Stain the sauce to remove pieces falling in the ice cream. You can add as such but the ice cream will not get a uniform colour. If you donot strain the sauce you will get purple dots here and there in ice cream.
  • Now add the strained cherry sauce and mix well using a whisk or electric beater.
  • Transfer the cream mixture into a 500 ml capacity freezer safe tub. You could use ice cream tubs.
  • Close it tightly and allow to freeze for an hour inside the freezer.
  • Then remove the tub from freezer and whip it once again and close the tub and keep inside the freezer.
  • Again remove the tubafter 1 hour from freezer and whip it and close the tub and keep inside the freezer.(This step prevents ice cream becomes hard and gives smooth texture to the ice cream)
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