The milk flavoured with orange juice is just amazing. When you think about Orange milk shake everyone think wont the milk splits when added on orange juice. It won't split when the milk is perfectly chilled. Even you could slightly freeze the milk to prevent splitting. It is a tasty combo if you make it in a chilled milk.

I have prepared this in low fat milk you could achieve more rich in taste using full fat milk. This is a quick and easy orange milk shake without any ice cream. Easy to make real summer treat. You could freeze them in Popsicle mould and serve as Popsicle too.

Orange Milk Shake

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2

Oranges (Navel/ Mandarine)- 1 and 1/2
Milk, chilled- 2 cups (low fat/Full fat)
Sugar- 1 tablespoon

  • Boil and chill the milk very well.  You could freeze the milk too. I have freezed the chilled milk for half to one hour. (Milk should be really cold to prevent curdling)
  • Extract orange juice using normal juice extractor (or) squeeze using hand and extract without any seeds.
  • In the juicer or blender jar add the extracted orange juice, sugar and the chilled milk.
  • Whip well till frothy, immediately transfer the milkshake on a glass and consume before the chillness leaves.
  • You could pour this milkshake inside a Popsicle mould and freeze and consume while peak summer.
  • You could add a scoop of vanilla ice cream too for more creaminess. I have not added.