This recipe is a kids friendly, rich and delicious milkshake, using mango pulp and milk. Mango milk shake is very popular in India, as well as in the other countries because it is very luscious in taste.  I have used fresh Alphonso mangoes for this recipe, however you can also substitute it with either tinned or frozen mango pulp.

Mango-1 fresh (tinned / frozen pulp can also be used)
Low fat milk/ Normal milk (chilled)-2cups
Sugar-1tbsp (tbe adjusted to the sweetness of the mango)

  • In blender puree the mango with sugar (if you add directly to the juicer jar chunks of fruits will be there)
  • Then in a juicer jar add the mango puree, sugar and cold milk and blend well till frothy consistency on top of the juice. Transfer this in a tall glass and serve chilled.
  • Tip: Vanilla ice cream can be added instead of milk for more rich taste.