One of the inevitable recipes of the Onam feast is Pradaman (payasam), the dessert that is served to end the meal.
    The word pradaman means ‘the first one’. So, it’s quite likely that the Ada Pradaman is so called because it is No.1 among the payasams. When the pradaman is made at home, the ada is often bought. However, homemade ada is very soft and well worth the trouble of making.
     Ada is almost like dried pastha. You can use the store bought palada (250-300gms) also for this recipe. That too tastes good. If you use readymade palada (white colour), cook the ada in hot water till soft and rinse with cold water. 

Palada Pradaman

Rice flour- ¼ kg (1cup)
Milk- 2litres
Water- 2cups
Sugar-2 cups
Cardamom crushed- 5
Ghee-1 tablespoon
Cashew nuts, broken- 8

  • Boil some water till rolling hot. Mix rice flour and add milk little by little as thick slurry.
  •  Wash the banana leaf , wipe it , pour and spread the slurry using the back of the spoon as a thin ¼ inch layer. Close the leaf and drop the banana leaf on to the boiling water and allow to cook for ten minutes.
  • Take out the banana leaf wrap and allow to cool. Open the banana leaf take out the ada and cut into small pieces.
  • In a small pan add a teaspoon of ghee and roast the cashews and raisins till golden colour.
  • In a pan add ghee and sauté the cooked ada for some time; then add milk , sugar, water and mix well. When this becomes little thick add cardamom powder, roasted cashews and raisins.
  • Tip: in this pradaman if you add more milk and if it is not thickening, you can add cooked sago seeds/jawari or half a teaspoon of cornflour mixed in milk can be added to save time in reducing.