Corn is nutritious and highly appetizing, Prevents constipation, Reduces stomach acidity, Combats the symptoms of certain cancers, Reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Easy tasty idiyappam is a good alternative for normal rice idiyappam. If you dont find this whole grain corn flour in supermarkets, powder the dried corn in flour mill and use the flour.
Corn  flour (whole grain) - 2cups
Salt- to taste
Hot water- as required
Coconut- 5 tablespoons 

  • Boil the water to a rolling hot stage. Mix maize flour with hot water, season with salt. Knead and combine flour into a dough when it is hot using a ladle first & then with hand when the dough slightly cools. 
  • Fill an idiyappam press and press the noodles onto banana leaves or directly onto an idli steamer. Add a little grated coconut if desired. Steam for 8-10 minutes. 
  • Can go well with sweet coconut milk, stew...etc