Strawberry lemonade becomes one of my favourite drinks. I used to buy the  store bought strawberry juice which is so pulpy and it wont taste mild. After having that fresh juice i feel heavy like had some food. Unlike that this one is thin and a perfect thirst quencher. On summer days if you have the strawberry syrup this could be prepared in a minute.

This strawberry flavoured lemonade is so colourful and tasty which kids love to taste it. Healthy home made lemonade with home made ingredients with out any preservatives. I planned make tomorrow too the same lemonade. Do try and Enjoy!!!

Strawberry Lemonade

Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Cuisine: Continental
Makes: 1 cup


Strawberry Syrup- 3 tablespoons (Increase according to your taste)
Lemon- 1 medium
Water (Chilled)- 1 cup
Ice cubes- If desired

  • Chill the water inside the refrigerator. Set ice cubes if desired before hand.
  • In a glass squeeze the lemon and add the juice without any seeds.
  • On top of that add the chilled water.
  • Then add the strawberry syrup a tablespoon at a time. It settles at the bottom so stir well using a spoon and add till you get the sweetness.(Click here to get the home made strawberry syrup recipe)
  • Add a pinch of salt to lift the sweetness if required.
  • Add some ice cubes if desired and serve chilled.