Chinese food is light and easy to digest. Sweet corn chicken soup is the most ordered soup in restaurants. Tasty and feels light. Kids too love this soup. I have explained here, how to make this easy and tasty soup within 15 to 20 minutes. After trying this soup at home you need not wait to visit a restaurant to have this. You can always make it at home. Try this today.         


Chicken (bone in)-6 pieces (around 300-400gms)
Sweet corn (fresh/tinned/ frozen )- 5 tablespoons
Milk- 2 tablespoons
Corn flour- 2 teaspoons
Egg white, beaten-1
Spring onion, chopped- 1
Sugar- pinch
Salt- to taste

  • In a pressure cooker add chicken and pour water level to cover the chicken (around 3 cups) and add salt close the lid and cook on medium flame for about 3 whistles.
  • Open the cooker immediately after releasing steam pressure.
  • Remove the chicken pieces from stock and shred into small pieces.
  • Add the chicken into the chicken stock and turn the stove on.
  • Add the sweet corn, sugar and milk bring it to boil.
  • Add water into the corn flour and dissolve without lumps.
  • Add this cornflour slurry into the boiling soup and stir till the soup thickens.
  • Add the beaten egg white a teaspoon at a time and cook for a minute and add spring onions and pepper.
  • Note: If you use fresh sweet corn pre-cook for 5 minutes and then add.
  • After adding egg don’t let it cook for a long time. Egg might turn rubbery.