Broccoli Egg Omelette- Omelette and scrambled eggs are generally meant for breakfast. But these are versatile with the addition of veggies you could make it healthier and tastier as well as be can served as a brunch. Call it a side cours for lunch as it pairs almost with rice and any curry. Omelette is an easy quick to make filling dish,  I have tried many a version of omelette at home. I have shared some of these recipes here. This is one of the healthiest omelette as it includes broccoli in it.

My son likes it a lot he calls this omelette a pizza as it is thick and I serve them pie-cut (triangular slices like a pizza slice) to him. Earlier I had made this omelette for him by fine chopping the broccoli so that he wont recognize it. This time it was done with medium sized pieces, he asked me very innocently "why did you put the pieces of tree in the omelette mom?" and he calls this omelette as tree pizza :-)

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Broccoli Omelette recipe

Broccoli omelette recipe- stove top

Broccoli Omelette
Broccoli scrambled eggs recipe- stove top

Prep time
Cook time
Total time

Yields: 3
  • Broccoli, chopped- 1/2 small sized head
    Eggs- 3
    Milk- 2 tablespoons (optional)
    Onion, chopped-1
    Pepper- big pinch
    Salt- to taste
    Oil- 2 teaspoons
  • Wash and finely chop the broccoli florets; cut the thick stem into small pieces so that it wont taste raw. Finely chop the onion and set aside.
  • Heat oil in a nonstick pan and add the onion and broccoli together and saute for a minute or two with a pinch of salt just to half cook them. Cook according to the size of the broccoli pieces, the colour should not change while cooking.
  • Beat the three eggs and milk together in a bowl using a fork or whisk with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Spread the cooking broccoli and onion in to thin even layer.
  • Pour the beaten eggs on top of the cooking broccoli and egg and spread evenly if necessary by swirling the pan or using a spatula.(drizzle oil if necessary, Add grated cheese if you wish to indulge ;-))
  • Close with a lid and allow to cook for few minutes. Flip the egg using a ladle and allow to cook if necessary.
  • I got a thick well cooked omelette even without turning the side of omelet as I cooked the omelette closed. 
  • If you are using more than 3 eggs to make omelette at a time in a wide pan, just cook the omelette on stove top few minutes and cook inside a preheated oven till the top of the omelette get cooked.
  • To make scrambled egg cook the broccoli and onion as mentioned above and add the beaten eggs and stir and cook the egg using a ladle. Do not over cook the eggs.Remove the eggs from stove before it starts to get brown colour.
  • I have used here 20 cm pan to make this omelette. Use 20-22 cm pan to get a thick omelette which you could cut into pieces and serve which saves your time.
  • You could make individual omelettes by beating the eggs separately and adding the cooked broccoli and onion mixture and season with pepper and salt and then cook even keeping the pan open.
  • You could add grated cheese or chopped cottage cheese if you wish.

easy broccoli omelette recipe

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Broccoli scrambled eggs recipe